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Autumn is here, which means winter is coming. New Jordan is fully prepared for the next season, he has quite a lot of winter products to choose from. Among them, this Air Jordan 1 Low will be on the shelves soon, and its feature is the "Sherpa wool" setting, which can prevent severe weather in the next few months. However, this couple is not a panacea for winter. Although suede is strong in the best conditions, it is usually more sensitive to snow, so if it wears out in turbulent weather, its upper part is likely to be damaged. The gray Swoosh and slightly creamy foundation may fade with the same matching two-color tool as follows. The aforementioned wool, with an insulating lining on a white surface, may also darken, but it will still be warm in the cold.

2021Sneakers with mushrooms is nothing new. In addition to air Jordan 1 and air Jordan 4, the brand also incorporates fungal elements in many aspects and adds fungal elements to many silhouettes. Rarely, however, quite publicly this upcoming Trailblazer's 77 years, it offers a palette of earth tones and a special, exclusive logo for the package. A tumbling leather constructs most of the outline, and its exterior dyeing is treated in an approximate gradient. The brown color starts along the collar and fixes the adjacent darkness, then gradually fades towards the toes. And the covering layer we found, prefers the feel of suede, contrasts in the off-white shade, which better complements the tools, shoelaces and lining. Finally, a black corduroy-shaped Swoosh with a matching heel label as the Nike logo with mushroom accents in the background.

As one of Nike’s most famous streetwear partners, Favnikeoutlet has reimagined NIKE Dunk Low and NIKE Air Force 1 through its "5 On It" initiative in the past few months. Following the first drop of the project on August 20, the Los Angeles boutique announced the release date of the second part: September 3. Inspired by the "Five Strikes" logo, UNDEFEATED reviewed the 1990s and 21st century-these two are widely regarded as the "golden age" of the aforementioned silhouettes-in order to remix them with five different materials Two iconic canvases. The crocodile leather pattern and perforated canvas panel work with smooth patent leather and high-grade suede leather. This is a unique combination that is both ancient and modern. The matching low-cut Nike Dunk gave up any bright blue and yellow and chose an all-black match, but it made a statement through long-acclaimed materials. High-quality suede leather supplemented by horsehair ostrich suede, nylon, canvas and translucent, ice gel sole.

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